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Journey of Compassion Voluntourism Program




noun vol·​un·​tour·​ism

1. a form of tourism in which travelers participate in voluntary work, typically for a charity.

2. the act or practice of doing volunteer work as needed in the community where one is vacationing

Thanks so much for your interest in the Journey of Compassion Voluntourism Program (Journey to Destiny Ministries). We would love to provide you with an amazing adventure in Kenya while you experience the joy of making someone else’s life better through our many opportunities to serve. With JTDM  you’ll have the best

“Voluntourism” experience.

Why Ghana? Ghana is home to more historic forts and castles than any other African Nation a throwback to its tumultuous history of colonization and slavery. The structures left behind are incredible in terms of architecture and geography that stretch all along the coastline. Ghana has everything in abundance. In this beautiful country, you can visit the traditional Kingdoms with African Royalty intact, The Ashanti Kingdom was developed around the 13th Century. Although Ghana has come very far since colonization the need for support is enormous in the country with lack of proper education, food scarcities, and health care crisis on the rise.

Why Voluntourism? Voluntourism is the ultimate opportunity to serve the underserved and truly make an impact that can be felt. There are children in orphanages who need love and care. There are medically underserved populations with limited resources and with a huge demand for service. There are students in overpopulated, understaffed schools that need extra teachers, games coordinators and creative activity volunteers. Your service, kind words, and care make a huge impact in these poor and underserved communities. 

Why JTDM? Journey to Destiny Ministries is committed to providing safe, affordable, and impactful voluntourism opportunities for your student group. Your safety is our priority and is assured through careful vetting of placement locations, accommodations, and transport personnel.

Apply for our voluntourism experience and have the adventure of a lifetime while making an impact through service. We guarantee you’ll have memories to last a lifetime.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $300.

Below are the options available to choose from based on your preference and skill set. Participants should have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. Each volunteer should bring plenty of energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Our Voluntourism Options.

We have 4 Voluntourism Programs:

Medical and Health

Medical and Health volunteers will participate in a hands-on program working beside health professionals in medical clinics, dispensaries, and hospitals in the different towns where our program provides placements. Professionals when eligible will have the opportunity to teach and train best medical practices in rural areas. Participants will also be able to facilitate medical camps to offer medical services when eligible.

Volunteer Teaching

Most Ghanan schools are often underfunded and consequently understaffed. Volunteering in this sector would be considerably impactful to the students and staff. Teaching in Kenya will be an opportunity to facilitate change to a underserved country with lasting impact on children through education while impacting your own professional growth. This volunteer assignment is geared toward teaching professionals or university level Education majors.

High School Group

The main objective of our high school volunteer program is to help the youth gain life changing, life affirming experiences that voluntourism can give. By participating in our program’s activities students learn skills like responsibility, punctuality, compassion, accountability, and a greater sense of being World Citizens. They also cultivate leadership and management skills. This program will also shed light on the third world country challenges with hopes of depositing a desire within the youth to become advocates of support  and change as they grow into adults.

Children's Home/Care Center

The aim of this volunteer program is to provide adequate help, love and care to orphaned children living in poverty in children’s homes. Volunteers will help the children with basic activities of daily living and will also engage them in various fun activities to bring them joy and create a playful atmosphere at the centers.


The typical program schedule can be broken into three parts:

Day 1

Orientation: Accra

You will meet the Journey to Compassion Program Coordinator and local staff, for an orientation on the program itinerary, history, culture, traditions, and health & safety with a Q&A session.

The Mission

Day 2 -22

Participants will work in their placement in their hospitals, clinics, schools and children’s homes in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Siaya, Bondo and Kakamega, Homabay, or Migori. They will experience the rich Kenyan culture and lifestyle.


Day 23 - 26

Ashanti Kingdom Tour

End of the volunteer project. Safari Time! Will enjoy the Ashanti Kingdom Tour and Excursion

Program Cost

There is a non-refundable application fee of $300.

Average two-week trip with 20 participants (prices will vary)

2 Weeks
$ 2212
3 Weeks
$ 2562
1 Month
$ 2912
3 Months
$ 3612
Program Fees includes:
  • Accommodations

  • Two Meals Per Day

  • Airport Pick-up and Drop-off

  • All local registrations and administrations

  • Orientation

  • Accra City Tour and Placement Town Tour

  • Local Transport, to and from Volunteer location

  • Safari Execursion

  • Ashanti Kingdom Tour

  • Slave Castle Day Trip

What it does not include:
  • Vaccinations

  • Visa

  • Airfare

  • Meals outside of Program Fee

  • Personal and Miscellaneous Expenses

  • Medical Insurance

  • Passport

Are you ready to answer the CALL?

For questions and more information:


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